Welcome to Pergola’s documentation!

The advent of new technologies in the field of behavioral neuroscience and other disciplines allows for the collection of big chunks of longitudinal data. Hence, powerful analysis and visualization tools are increasingly necessary.

Dealing with such a huge amount of data is not a new problem in biology. Other biological disciplines such as genomics have long develop software tools for the analysis of big data. This observation will be anecdotal if genomics data were not often sequential and hence share a similar structure with longitudinal data.

Pushing this observation further, Pergola process your longitudinal data adopting widely-used genomic formats. Besides offering you several processing options, Pergola makes your data compliant with powerful genomics software tools, this way simplifying its analysis and visualization.


If you don’t feel like to install pergola you can always use our web server to access main pergola functionalities in a user-friendly interface.

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